the idea

the question that accompanies you on this site:
"if there was a supermarket where you could buy happiness, what would you get for yourself?"
would you look for a multipack of happiness for the next five years or would you buy certain things that make you happy instead of directly buying happiness? what do you need to become happier? what do you wish? a big aluminium briefcase full of money, a packet of courage, a bit of joy in the glas or some tenderness in the pink double pack, a car, a tooth brush or more the love of your life?
au.bonheur is a trial in realizing this supermarket. instead of offering a car or some money, you can find here some joy in a lampbox, big hearts on t-shirts or a hand full of time.
au.bonheur - that's some happiness to touch. au.bonheur asks the question: what makes you feel good? au.bonheur wants to make you happy.

the question

what makes you feel good?

what makes you feel bad?

what to do
you can ask yourself about what you need to become happier and then go to the also you can get things for other people. then you ask yourself what you wish for them to become a bit happier. afterwards you go again to the and buy the article that you think is needed.

there's no guarantee that the article you buy makes you or your friend any happier. chosing the right article is a complicated issue and therefore not easy. if it doesn't work out, try again. the important thing lays in realizing what exactly is necessary to make you feel happier.

the creator of this idea
gary larson with his drawing of the au.bonheur supermarket (au bonheur = french, to happiness)

the creator of this site and its articles
judith schneider (who transformes the subtle things which are floating around in the air, into something to touch).